Angel Missions Haiti is a God-centered non-profit organization with a purpose of coordinating medical care for the children of Haiti, who have life threatening conditions that cannot be treated in their home country.  We work together with many physicians, hospitals, therapists, and families who volunteer time and energy to provide the medical treatments and nurturing care that each child so desperately needs.  It is our goal to help all of these children return to their Haitian families healthy and ready to live the lives God has planned for them.

In order for these children to be given a medical Visa from our government, our organization must arrange for the medical care to be provided at no cost to the public.  In addition, host families are needed to care for these little ones at their own expense for the length of time the children stay in their homes.  Throughout this process, there are many expenses that Angel  Missions incurs.  These include medical tests in Haiti, child care expenses for their stay at an American-run clinic, the cost of all necessary immigration paperwork, and airfare to and from Port-au-Prince for the child and an escort.

In January 2008, Angel Missions Haiti established three clinics in Haiti where U.S. doctors practice during mission trips to deliver medical care to children in-country.  These clinics are also used for education on topics like prenatal care, pre- and post-surgical care, therapy, and instruction in the English language.

Our organization has also started a school,  Angel Missions Academy, to educate the children, so that in the future, Haiti will be able to develop into a thriving country producing goods and services to improve the Haitian way of life. 

Please view the following You Tube video to find out how we support the children of Haiti.  Angel Missions Haiti needs your support.  “Help us bring hope to the hopeless.”


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